Thursday, April 29, 2010

McDermott Returns to the Proper League

A little more on the Greg McDermott situation.

McDermott made the right choice when he took the Creighton job and returned to the Missouri Valley.

McDermott failed to collect a winning season in four tries at Iowa State. His tenure was marked by unhappy and transferring players. Things were not going to get better at Iowa State and he recognized it.

McDermott is a good coach. He proved that at Northern Iowa when he took another Missouri Valley team to the Big Dance on three occasions. He will do better in a league that has more long-term players and players that perform for the team. Valley players focus more on team goals while other major conference players look to the NBA. It's also no shame to try and then fail.

I look for McDermott to soon have the Bluejays playing for the conference title and a bid in the NCAA. It's been a little dry on the postseason front for Creighton lately, so McDermott arrives at a good time.

Look for those Creighton-Northern Iowa (rivals now)games to contain extra meaning too.

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