Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big 12 Makes News Again

According to reports, the PAC-10 Conference wants to raid the Big 12 Conference too.

In the past few weeks, talk has centered on Nebraska and Missouri possibly joining the Big Ten. If this report is true, the PAC-10 is looking at Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado. This would create the first ever Super Conference. That would leave most of the Big 12 North (Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State) as orphans. Baylor would be the lone Big 12 South school left.

It's no secret that most of the power in the present Big 12 resides in the South particularly in Austin, Texas. If just Texas would leave the conference, it would still be in trouble.

The PAC-10's difficulty is its time zone and location. It's 2-3 hours earlier than the Central or Eastern Time zones. This means that many folks in those locales are in bed when the conference plays night games. In the past, coverage of those contests were minimal, but maybe with the Internet that has improved.

With the exception of Colorado, the Big 12 schools are a great distance from other PAC-10 schools particularly those on the coast. Would fans of the present Big 12 Conference travel or follow their teams as much?

It would definitely be a wise move if the PAC-10 could lure the six Big 12 schools. But would it be such a great thing for the Big 12 schools to make the move?

Funny, but we never hear anything about the Big 12 expanding its conference. Apparently, it isn't out there picking the cherries, but its own tree seems plenty ripe.

What do you think about this latest twist on possible conference movement?

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