Monday, June 28, 2010

What is the NCAA so Quiet on Conference Realignment?

Do you ever wonder why we didn't hear comments from the NCAA regarding conference alignment?

The NCAA, one of the most powerful bodies in all of sports, was so quiet you could hear that pin drop. The strange no response was frankly strange. With the potential to greatly change the college landscape on realignment, you would have thought the NCAA would have at least pitched its agenda.

It's even more strange when you consider that the formation of super conferences might force a football playoff. The NCAA doesn't want a playoff or it would have instituted one a long time ago. Instead, the NCAA wants to cater to the BCS and all those little bowl game men running around with bright colored blazers.

Inside the NCAA offices, you would think that officials are breathing better these days. Despite some conference movement, the status quo is still in place. Fans still want a playoff and they still won't get one.

So if you are a playoff proponent, you better keep cheering for the super conference setup. Otherwise, you better determine your favorite colored blazer.

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