Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Lower Tier Big 12 Schools were Desperate

Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State and Baylor acted like the former orphan who was about to get kicked out of its old home. They basically threw themselves at the mercy of Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma when it appeared the Big 12 was history

How else can you explain why these schools offered to give up their penalty money (the money Nebraska and Colorado owes the conference for leaving) to the "elite" Big 12 member schools. And shame, shame on Texas, Texas A%M and Oklahoma if they accept the money. They don't really need the money and there is already a huge divide between the top tier schools and the lower tier schools. The lower tier schools need the money to be competitive in the league.

There are conflicting reports about the relationships within the new Big 12--minus two Conference. Some say the conference is more unified than ever, while others say the "haves" don't really like the "have nots" and the have nots feel the same about the haves. If the truth be told, it is probably similar to a human family. There will be spats on occasion regardless.

But apparently this marriage will last until 2016 or until Texas and Notre Dame join together to create the Super Two Conference. Okay, the last part was a joke.

It's time for the lower tier schools to rise up and play nose-to-nose with the top tier brethren. Winning changes things. Respect occurs. Just ask David's brothers in the Bible after little David destroyed the giant.

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