Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Izzo Made a Good Choice

Michigan State's Tom Izzo is a very good college basketball coach. His record and accomplishments speak for themselves. He is a college coach through-and-though.

So maybe that was part of his thinking when he turned down an opportunity to coach the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers. Plus, the chance that the Cavs may not have their best player with them next season.

It is well documented that most college coaches landing a pro job end up losing it. Sure, the money sounds good (Izzo reportedly would have earned $6 million), but Izzo isn't exacting earning pennies at Michigan State. He could have double his present salary, but really what's the big difference between $3 and $6 million. It's not like he wants to buy a country or something. His wants and needs are well supplied.

The larger salary could be a ego thing anyway, and Izzo doesn't appear like that type of guy.

He knows he has a great gig at Michigan State. He is always going to land outstanding players who will work hard for him and the team. If LaBron doesn't resign with Cleveland, that team will definite fall in the NBA pro rankings. Plus, pro players might not buy-in to Izzo's rah, rah, college philosophy.

Izzo is an institution in Michigan. People love the guy. Why spoil a great thing? He will probably earn a statue outside the Breslin Center (Michigan State's basketball facility) when he retires.

Coach basketball needs guys like Izzo who produce quality, clean programs. You are right where you belong, coach. Congratulations on making a good choice.

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