Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Plight of Four Big 12 Schools

According to reports, Big 12 Conference members Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Baylor haven't been invited to other conference's expansion parties. It can be extremely hurtful when you must stay home and not attend the party.

Baylor is making the most appeal of the group. The Bears want to go wherever the other Texas Big 12 schools are going. They are playing the "We are from Texas card and we believe all the Texas schools should remain together." Baylor hopes this brotherhood call will bring success. Frankly, I doubt it. The Bears real hope lies in getting buddy-buddy with the University of Texas because the Longhorn possess the most influence in the Big 12 Conference. But if Texas only cares for itself, Baylor remains in the same shape as Iowa State and the two Kansas schools.

Baylor provided a nice little run in the NCAA basketball tourney this past spring, but when you think of particular Big 12 members, the Bears are always near the bottom of the conference. Same with Iowa State and Kansas State. Kansas can boast about its basketball. One side note: it's surprising that the Jayhawks aren't receiving apparent love in the conference expansion sweepstakes.

But at the end of the day, Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State membership rests on what the University of Texas does. If the Longhorns stay with the Big 12, the four schools can remain at home. If Texas bolts the conference, the real scramble begins.

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