Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did Anyone Watch the College World Series?

Another college World Series is history. I must admit that the only reason I knew that was because I saw the headline on the Internet. Does anyone care that the series is over?

I watched glimpses of the World Series in the past, but not this year. I remember the finals on CBS. Now, ESPN has the finals on a weeknight telecast. CBS televised on the weekend.

I am not a ratings expert, but I think the series would receive more attention on the weekends when more people don't work. Even if they are off during the week, nights are busy.

College baseball is the only major sport I don't prefer over the professional brand. I would much rather watch a college football game over a pro one and the same for basketball.

College baseball just lacks it for me. Maybe it's because I enjoy pro baseball so much. Maybe the college game should go to a true World Series: the best four of seven. Maybe they should get rid of those phony, tinny-sounding bats and go back to good 'ole American wood.

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