Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Divorce is Final

Change in life is often hard, but Nebraska created its own change when the Cornhuskers accepted the offer of membership in the Big Ten Conference.

You can read and analyze this for days. But the simple truth is Nebraska has divorced itself from Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Oklahoma. These were true brethren back from the 1928 days when these schools formed the Big Six Conference. Later Colorado and Oklahoma State would join and it became the Big 8 Conference. When the Texas schools apparently joined in 1994 (to form the Big 12), all was not well. So it might be easier to blame that merger than to cry over losing your real brethren

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne said that he would still like to schedule some of these old schools after the Huskers join the Big Ten. But really, where is the room on the non conference schedule. Nebraska will still need to play those sure victory games with smaller schools like Troy and Middle Tennessee State.

Nebraska will move on and do just fine. The Big Ten is rock solid. But Nebraska's other brethren (minus Oklahoma and Oklahoma State) might not do so well.

Change will be forced up those schools without their consent. That will become really hard.

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