Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do Your Own Term Papers College Kids

I goggled the term college sports topics today to see what was happening in the college sports world. Well, the first entry caught my eye, but in a negative way.

It was a service offering sports custom term papers. So I clicked on the link to examine this seedy prospect. Sure enough, you type in the topic, title, etc. and presto you have your description and price.

I guess these papers don't come with a disclaimer such as "This is cheating and that could get you in a whole peck of trouble even dismissal from the university."

Yes, I have seen these term paper mills before. I just wasn't ready to find it No. 1 on Goggle with my sports search. This is very sad.

Back in the day, the term was "You earn a degree." Now, people involved in this term paper mill should advertise "We will sell you a degree no work required. Just give us plenty of cash."

College is a time to learn life skills. Students who buy papers are developing cheating life skills. Post that one on a resume and hope for positive results.

As a freelance writer, I will not write term papers and become part of this cheating process. It is just not right.

College is hard. It does involve blood, some sweat, some tears. It does make you question your sanity at times. But at least if you do your own work, you have a sense of accomplishment whether it's great work or not so great work.

So students, please do your own term papers. You might even sleep better at night.

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good wrk!