Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did I Miss Something?

I performed a double take last night when I was reading sports news at the bottom of one of the sports TV networks. It said that Oklahoma and Texas A&M had been invited to the SEC. I thought that was really strange. Are they going to open up this whole realignment thing again? So I looked for it again to make sure my eyes and mind weren't deceiving me. Sure enough, same result.

So I thought maybe it would be on my sports homepage. It wasn't. That seemed strange.

So when I finally Internet searched the situation, I found articles. It turns out this was all about teams during the realignment craze. Not the present. Apparently, Oklahoma had options. Well, good for them. Move on, let it rest. You are a member of the Big 12--minus two now. Enjoy it. Be happy.

Everybody wants to be wanted. Oklahoma declared its courtship. Funny that Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Baylor didn't discuss why nobody wanted them. Negative news does sell, but probably not in this case.

As I stated before in this blog, can we just have a serious break from this realignment talk? Please? Pretty please?

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