Friday, June 18, 2010

Can we Please Take a Rest?

Hopefully Utah accepting a bid from the Pac-10 will end this expansion talk for a while. That moves the number to four schools who are taking up residency in other leagues. Nebraska went to the Big 10, Colorado went to the Pac-10 and Boise State went to the Mountain West. The summer needs to quiet down on this expansion movement and for that matter, the talk.

Summer for college football is usually a slow season. But not these year. I figure there were about 444 rumors going around where schools might end up. The biggest news didn't happen. The Texas schools and Oklahoma didn't dump the Big 12. On another note, Missouri didn't get an invitation to the Big 10. It sounds like Missouri wanted it a lot more than the Big 10 wanted to give it. So, memo to Missouri: suck it up boys and win consistently in the Big 12. Go ahead, take your frustration out on the field or court.

Now, can we please get back to reading football preseason magazines and talking fall match ups? Can we just get back to some familiarity and not worry about these so called super conferences?

But on further review, please don't wake me up until that kicker approaches the ball for the first time this fall.

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