Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big East is a Big Bust

The Big East Conference isn’t so high and mighty after all.

The league entered the NCAA basketball tournament with 11 entries out of 16 teams. Only two teams remain in Marquette and UConn. That means nine clubs didn’t even survive the first weekend of the tournament. Granted, a couple games pitted conferences foes against each other, but this is still significant.

Even the two teams left have a difficult path to the Final Four. I don’t think Marquette will defeat North Carolina in the next round. If it does, Marquette gets the Ohio State-Kentucky winner. If UConn defeats San Diego State (and that’s a big if), the Huskies play the Duke or Arizona.

I guess bias cannot even protect a team once it plays the game. Maybe, the NCAA brass will reconsider its Big East thinking for future NCAA tournaments. As I stated in an earlier blog, no conference should receive 11 bids.

Some of those bids should go to smaller schools in smaller conferences. Who cares if the Big East No. 10 team plays the No. 7 Big Ten team?

We can only hope this lesson has been learned.

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