Friday, March 25, 2011

Hail Butler

Bucky Badger feels sad today. He watched his beloved Wisconsin team steamrolled by Butler last night.

So much for the ESPN experts’ predictions. Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas gave the Bulldogs no chance. They said Butler better not get behind. No problem, boys, Butler handled it.

These Bulldogs are on a mission. Stumbling a bit during the season, Butler is now playing on a high level. It is out to prove that the Bulldogs appearance in the championship game last year was no fluke.

These guys are a veteran group and they show it in the tournament. This isn’t like a kid’s first trip to Disneyland. Butler isn’t wide-eyed. The Bulldogs are business-like and take it one game at a time. They play off their coach Brad Stevens. Stevens keeps them motivated in a steady, confident way. Stevens looks and acts like a choir director out there.

Butler’s next obstacle is Florida. The Gators are an athletic team and a direct opposite of Wisconsin. They like to push the ball and shoot.

The Bulldogs will have a challenge. But this one is for the Final Four. And besides, Butler has already defeated the No. 1 and 4 seeds. It would enjoy added No. 2 to the collection.

It just might happen.

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