Monday, March 14, 2011

Colorado Basketball Receives a Hard Lesson

John F. Kennedy once said, “Life is not fair.” The Colorado basketball team discovered that Sunday. The Buffs were not invited to the NCAA tournament party.

As I watched the selection show on CBS, I kept waiting to hear Colorado’s name. When the last region was announced and Denver was of the sites, I thought surely this is a perfect match. I was stunned.

Since I knew none of my favorite teams were going to qualify for the tournament, I was going to adopt the Buffs as my team. I didn’t even get the chance to sign the adoption papers.

Granted, the Buffs were on the bubble. However, there was a good feeling Colorado would make the tournament. The Buffs won two games in the Big 12 tournament before losing to Kansas. They finished 21-13 and had difficult ratings (RPI, UPI, whatever ha), but beat Kansas State three times.

NCAA Basketball Chairman Gene Smith said that style of play was one selection consideration. The Buffs play an entertaining, uptempo style featuring guards Alec Burks and Cory Higgins. Aren’t guards what the NCAA tournament is all about? They would have created problems for an opponent in the tournament.

But, I guess Colorado will take its basketball and go to the NIT. The NCAA missed a golden opportunity keeping the Buffs away.

Now, I need a new team. How about Indiana State or Northern Colorado?

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