Friday, March 18, 2011

Thrilling Thursday for March Madness

It was an interesting NCAA tournament first day. Two Big East teams went down in Louisville and St. John’s. For you scoring at home, we only have nine Big East teams left.

Morehead State, Richmond and Gonzaga garnered national press with upsets. I was not that surprised with Morehead State and Richmond victories because those teams have tournament experience. On the other hand, Gonzaga is strange team. The Zags have had tournament success when they are the underdogs. When they are the favorites, they struggle. Look for the Zags to give BYU a tough test in the next round.

Did anyone have trouble finding the games yesterday? It was a challenge, but I survived the test. Besides locating the proper channels to match the proper games, the different studio shows were interesting. Lots more people involved in the telecasts this season.

There are some interesting match-ups today (Friday). How about a little upset love for Oakland over Texas, Hampton over Duke and Indiana State past Syracuse? Second thought: ANY team that defeats a Big East school.

Enjoy the games.

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