Monday, March 7, 2011

College Basketball Transfer Challenges

Des Moines Register (Iowa) sportswriter Rick Brown wrote an interesting article Sunday on the problems of players transferring in college basketball. He talked to several college coaches particularly those in Iowa.

It’s a complex problem, but basically players want instant playing time and instant success. It’s another problem reflected on the American culture. We have microwave ovens and fast food. We are in a hurry. We don’t want to wait. We don’t read the instruction book first. We just assemble the toy.

Many college players are spoiled. They have been told their entire lives they are special. When they get to college, the competition is fierce. Often they are no longer the best player on a team. Their feelings are hurt. They demand playing time. They are down on the depth chart. It’s time to search for greener grass. Surely, another college team will treat them special.

As I started before, the other main reason players transfer is trouble at their school. Players find their way to the police station or have trouble academically.

I have a prime example of this transfer problem only 70 miles from me. The Iowa State men’s program have had its share of departures and arrivals recently.

Previous coach Greg McDermott couldn’t retain players. They were not happy campers. That’s one major reason McDermott posted a poor record and fled when he could to Creighton.

First-year coach Fred Hoiberg is in the receiving line. Hoiberg is stockpiling players for the future. He will have players available next year from Minnesota, Michigan State, Southern Illinois and Penn State. Hoiberg was an outstanding player in college and serviceable in the professional ranks. He is a former NBA executive. Those are all good reasons why Iowa State is suddenly on the receiving end. Players want success. They want the NBA.

Hopefully, Hoiberg will mold these players into a team. Players need to realize that team goals translate into individual success too.

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