Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ground Chuck to T-Bone Steak

The real NCAA tournament begins today.

Those first four play-in games Tuesday and Wednesday were ground chuck. Now, the college basketball world will sample some good meat like a t-bone steak.

I love the Thursday and Friday sessions of the tournament’s first week. It’s difficult keeping track of all the games. You have schools you know little about. There are upsets. And this year, you can watch all the games whatever you live. No more regional telecasts. You just need to pay close attention to the television network and the time.

How about a little love today for Belmont, Northern Colorado or Richmond? Can they pull an upset? Belmont is known for its music program. Northern Colorado is a rather new entry to the Division I field. Richmond—the Spiders—have beaten favored teams in NCAA past.

Once we get through the first two rounds, upsets are rare. Usually the college heavyweights settle in and take over. So we need to enjoy the opening rounds.

I haven’t filled out my bracket yet, but I think I will choose Ohio State as the champion. Normally my bracket is broken the first couple days. But it really doesn’t matter. Just let me enjoy my t-bone steak.

Who is your favorite in this year’s tournament?

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