Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Worst Dressed Men's College Basketball Teams

I am interested in fashion just like the next sensitive American male. And believe me; some college men’s basketball teams have no fashion sense.

I must admit my polling sample is quite narrow because I watch almost exclusively Big 12 and Big Ten games. But I imagine if I was paying close attention, the Oregon Ducks would make my list. Doesn’t Oregon make everyone’s dress list thanks to Nike’s Phil Knight?

Let me say I am fine with these long, baggy pants. I think they are like cell phones—here to stay. The headbands—not so much. Those players should gather for a headband convention and talk about their problem. I do miss the wrist bands however. Apparently, they disappeared along with the 25-cent ice cream cone.

My list is quite short and I guess that is a good thing.

My No. 1 spot goes to Kansas State. The Wildcats wear ugly light, gray uniforms at home. The purple lettering does not save this outfit. These uniforms look better suited for prison. Whatever happened to the rule where the home teams wears white and the visiting teams wear dark?

My No. 2 slot goes to Ohio State. The Buckeyes also wear gray at home but their gray blends in a better than Kansas State. However, Ohio State should go back to the whites at home.

My No. 3 pick is Michigan. Those home yellow uniforms are too bright. Maybe the Wolverines could donate them to the Michigan Highway Department.

My No 4 spots goes to any team wearing those electric yellow Addidas shoes. Baylor was the first school I saw wearing those things. But the fashion statement soon left the Baylor team. Good thing. Those shoes should be worn only at night because I imagine they glow in the dark. Unfortunately, Wisconsin-Milwaukee was wearing that color last night on ESPN.

Who are some teams on your worst dressed list?
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