Monday, March 28, 2011

Virginia Commonwealth Tops Wild Basketball Weekend

The Cinderella slipper firmly remains on Virginia Commonwealth’s foot. The Rams refuse to lose.

Virginia Commonwealth took care of No. 1 seeded Kansas Sunday and earned itself a Four Final berth. This is not a misprint. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Virginia Commonwealth is going to the Final Four.

This is one of the best stories in college basketball in a long, long time. The Rams weren’t given much respect entering the tournament. They were selected as a play-in participant. VCU won that opening test and then an amazing five straight games.

The team with a great named-coach (Shaka Smart) will play Butler Saturday in Houston. That in itself is special. Two mid-major schools battling for a trip to the championship game is indeed priceless.

VCU is suddenly the talk of the college basketball world. The Rams are no longer strangers. They have a new bunch of bandwagon fans hoping to cheer them on to the college basketball promise land.

VCU hopes to still be wearing that slipper championship night. Why doubt the Rams now? That slipper looks pretty shiny.

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