Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quiet NCAA Tournament Friday

The higher seeds took back the NCAA tournament Friday after some upset specials Thursday.

Only Virginia Commonwealth’s disposal of Georgetown made headlines yesterday. Florida State did defeat Texas A&M in a mild upset.

But how about Virginia Commonwealth? The Rams are one of the darlings of this year’s tournament. They first take out Southern Cal in the play-in game and then the Hoyas. They face Purdue next.

Today’s love needs to go to Butler as the Bulldogs face Pittsburgh. Another interesting game should be the mid-major battle between Morehead State and Richmond. That winner will become another NCAA darling. And I’m glad Cincinnati and UConn oppose each other. That means another Big East team will go home.

Anyone enjoying Marv Albert and Steve Kerr on the broadcasts? I wonder what they think of the college game after doing the NBA for so long.

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