Thursday, April 28, 2011

Basketball on Ship

I must admit, some days I’m just plan slow. When I saw last week the words Michigan State, North Carolina and carrier, I thought the two college basketball powers were going to play a game at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York. Teams play games frequently at neutral sites.

When I investigated it further, I realized that the carrier was a small “c” and this carrier was a ship in California. Yes, Michigan State and North Carolina will play a basketball game on a real ship.

There will be no public sale of tickets. You either need to know somebody or be somebody to attend this game. Can you imagine the security issues involved?

This is no ordinary ship. It is normally used for military stuff not playing some basketball game. I assume the uniqueness of this event will draw considerable interest.

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson will serve as honorary captains. I would like to see the two battle each other in a little one-on-one competition. It would be a throwback to their NBA days.

But let’s hope this game comes off without incident. These are troubled times and all these teams want to do is offer some friendly competition (minus the rough play under the basket) between two popular schools.

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Paul Delger said...

So what do you think about college basketball on a ship? Please give me your opinion.