Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Open Door

The Iowa State basketball program continues to place the welcoming mat outside the front door. Yet another transfer is joining the Cyclones.

Former Utah player Will Clyburn announced he is transferring to Iowa State. The Detroit native led the Utes in scoring and rebounding last season at 17.1 points per game and 7.8 rebounds. He won’t play until the 2012-13 and have just one season remaining.

Clyburn is familiar with the Iowa winters. He played two seasons at Marshalltown Junior College.

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg is getting a reputation for taking in transfers. Maybe they should call the basketball program Transfer U. Anyway, fans need a scorecard to know what players are eligible and when.

But rumor has it Iowa State had an awesome scout team this past season. Some of those guys are eligible next fall.

If it seems like the basketball roster is always changing, that’s correct. Hoiberg has to go out and recruit a couple coaches for his staff now. The key hire will be landing someone to take the place of departed Bobby Lutz. He was a key cog on the staff last season.

So keep those scorecards handy Cyclone fans. And don’t leave home without them.


Kevin said...

Good to know Paul that the talent level could be somewhat of a pleasant surprise . Keep us informed as it is somewhat of a chore to get good info on the Clones down in the Ozarks.

Paul Delger said...

Thanks for reading, Kevin. Fred really needs to work on the coaching staff next. He also has a player introuble for the second time--a reserve guy who would have gotten some time last season. He might be finished.