Friday, April 29, 2011

My Annual Rant

Maybe I should have taken a happy pill before I started this piece. But I’m sorry folks, I can’t wait any longer. This is my annual rant about college spring football.

I thought the spring cycle was over a couple weeks ago, but now I find out there are even spring games this weekend. Is this a conspiracy against me?

ESPN continued to broadcast games this season. The only reason I know it is because I was flipping channels. Did I stay to watch the game? My answer: a resounding no. Do I care to watch a different colored jersey quarterback be treated like a school crossing guard take little children across the street? Or do I care to watch a game that has special rules so the score can stay close? Do I want to hear about Joe Blow fighting for the left tackle position?

I really don’t understand the media’s fascination with spring football. The beat writers have reports in the papers. Schools broadcast their games on the radio. If the media is trying to get me excited about the upcoming season, it isn’t working. Get back to me when fall practice starts and I can dream about the upcoming matchups instead of seeing my team scrimmage each other.

Due to my work in athletics, I was forced to attend three spring games. They were three too many. There is a real spirit of apathy at those games. How can you get excited about them or actually cheer? And how can the players get excited unless you are fighting for a spot in the fall. The coaches are probably the only ones excited about spring football. Coaches are always excited about practice.

Okay, my rant is official over until probably next spring when we go through another cycle of spring football.

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