Friday, April 15, 2011

Fox Sports and Big 12 Continue Marriage

A conference that wondered last spring if it would be in existence anymore landed a big deal this week.

Fox Sports and the Big 12 Conference signed a new football TV agreement. It begins in 2012 and will last 13 years for about $90 million per year. The conference will receive more money games and more Fox platforms (stations) than the current deal. The Big 12 will also continue its agreement with ESPN.

But the Fox deals were causing Big 12 people to do handstands all over the Midwest. They were certainly applauding the deal. Yes, it does give the league more money and more exposure, BUT…

I hate to become the bad guy in this, but I hope this next deal is different than the present one. Let me explain.

Right now, I watch the Big 12 package on Fox Sports North. If the Minnesota Twins or Minnesota Wild is playing, chances are Paul won’t be able to see the game. And as you can imagine, that frustrates me. I’m a college football guy not a Twins or Wild fan. So I call the station to complain. I never get a live person. I leave my number and never get a return call. I guess customer service is a thing of the past.

But maybe now if there is a conflict, they will offer it on another Fox platform. We can only hope that Fox and the Big 12 will allow us football folks the entire football package.

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