Saturday, April 2, 2011

Talking Final Four

The college basketball season has come down to four teams: Cinderella Virginia Commonwealth, Butler, Kentucky and UConn. Sixty-Four teams have already gone home unhappy. Two more will join them today and then one more Monday.

So this suddenly long and grueling season is down to only two games. Remember the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday tournaments? They seem so long ago. Even the first week of the NCAA tournament feels like history.

CBS must think the Kentucky-UConn Final Four game will attract the most viewers since it is the nightcap contest. Maybe CBS is counting on those East Coast television sets and Kentucky’s basketball tradition. Some say this winner will take Monday night’s game too.

But if I could only watch one game, I would choose Virginia Commonwealth and Butler. The Rams are playing for history. If they can win tonight and the championship game, they will have collected seven tournament victories. No team has ever done that.

The fact that Virginia Commonwealth is the Cinderella team is reason enough to view this game. The Rams have stolen the routing interest of many Americans and they want to see them go all the way.

Others still favor Butler. This former Cinderella still garners a strong following. The Bulldogs are playing their best basketball of the season and it’s no stretch that they could win two more games.

So prepare for championship basketball. Who do you think will win it all?

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