Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can Ohio State's Jim Tressel Survive?

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel was back in the news Monday. And the news just seems to get worse with this guy.

The NCAA sent Ohio State a communication that said in part Tressel may have committed “potential major violations.” This stems from Tressel lying and withholding information regarding his players’ tattoo parlor incident. Tressel is already suspended for the first five games next season.

The national press is demanding Tressel’s resignation. They say he has placed a big, dark mark on Ohio State.

Tressel may think the fight in the Big Ten Conference is rough, but battling back from his sins appears a much more difficult road. The national media will not let this story die. They will continue to put pressure on Tressel.

Apparently, the Buckeye fans are still in love with him. Ohio State continues fairly silent over this latest NCAA revelation.

Ohio State fired legendary coach Woody Hayes when he punched a player in a bowl game. The Buckeyes don’t appear ready to pull the plug on Tressel just yet.

But whether Ohio State fires him or he resigns on his own feel will, I don’t think the guy that made the sweater vest famous survives. There are too many bullets flying Tressel’s direction. And I don’t think his vest is bulletproof.

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