Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Woeful National Title Game

I don’t blame you if you watched part of the Butler-UConn title game last night and then switched your TV over to ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns. I would have said goodnight to the game too, but I was watching at a friend’s house.

This game was simply woeful. There was little scoring in the first half and just a little more in the second half.

Butler probably couldn’t have hit a shot if it was shooting at two baskets. The Bulldogs were an ice cold 12-64 from the field (18/8%) and only 9-33 (27.3%) from the three-point line. Butler shot so many bricks it could have built a house.

UConn made enough shots for the victory. The Huskies weren’t exactly lighting it up either with 34.5 % (19-55) shooting and just 1-of 11 from three-point territory.

You keeping thinking somebody would start making some shots, but it was only wishful thinking. At the start of the night, you would have never imagined the winning team scoring just 53 points and the losing team getting only 41.

So this game will quickly pass from memory. Ten years from now, nobody will ever bring this thing up again. And that’s good.

Butler must be pretty depressed this morning as the reality continues to make its mark. The Bulldogs seemed so confident and so ready to play. Then all they did was thud, thud and thud.

It was sad.


willis423 said...

You have said it all , Paul

Paul Delger said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.