Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nick Sabin in Statue

We have entered a new era in America. People still living are getting statues. Dead people are no longer the only candidates for bronze in these times.

Apparently winning games in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) isn’t good enough anymore. Now the arms race has turned into statues. First, Florida honors its Heisman Trophy winners with hard surfaces. Then over the weekend, we learn football coach Nick Sabin has a nine-foot statue at Alabama.

I find this all interesting. Last time I checked, America was having an economic crisis. But we find out there is plenty of money to honor breathing people with hard surfaces.

I will give the University of Florida a pass (no pun intended). The Gator are honoring memories—former Heisman winners. But what’s up at Alabama?

Anyone who follows college football knows the huge tradition at Alabama. Coach Bear Bryant was a legend. Football is like a religion to Tide followers.

But Sabin is far from a legend. He is an outstanding football coach. Yes, I get that. He has won two national championships including one at Alabama. But he has only coach the Tide for four years. Does Alabama like the guy that much that it already wants to show him with hard surfaces?

What if Sabin and Alabama decide to part ways? It could happen. They seem very much in love now, but in the wacky world of college football you never know.

I just don’t want the Tide to have to donate the statue to some museum or worse yet, destroy the thing.

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