Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Good Evening

I had the privilege Thursday night to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meeting in Marshall, Minnesota. There is an active group of athletes at Southwest Minnesota State University.

These young adults are an attentive bunch that enjoys free food. It was a blessing after the meeting to visit with them. I heard stories of how the athletes want to go into fields such as medical and special education. Not once did I hear someone say they wanted to take a job that made them lots of money. That made the ‘ole heart feel good.

I didn’t know much about Southwest Missouri State University going into my talk. But I was impressed with the people and surroundings. The university has about 3,500 students and competes in Division II. The Mustangs have modern facilities in both basketball and football.

Overall, it was a real positive experience. Cold and rainy weather became the only negative aspect.

I want to thank Kevin and Karla Anundson for their hospitality. These folks are real winners.

And as I told the athletes Thursday night: go Mustangs!

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