Friday, April 1, 2011

The Silent Coaching Search

North Carolina State Athletic Director Deb Yow has been true to her word. The silent has been deafening.

Yow has made no public comments about the Wolfpack coaching search since she fired Sidney Lowe about three weeks ago. Yes, there has been speculation, but nothing firm from Yow’s office.

Former NC State Athletic Director Lee Fowler’s basketball coach search was extremely public. Apparently, Lowe was way down on the pecking order as big-named coaches turned down Fowler.

So Yow has done a 360-degree turn in hiring philosophy.

Apparently, Yow did go after Arizona coach Sean Miller. The former Wolfpack assistant said no to Yow according to Miller’s father.

This job may not be as attractive as some people reason. Lowe’s performance lowered the appeal. He led the Pack to zero NCAA tournaments. At least, the guy before, Herb Sendek got NC State to the tourney. Plus, the Pack is in an extremely competitive environment. For my foreign readers, NC State is only about 30 miles from powerhouses Duke and North Carolina.

So maybe Yow is trying to attract a hot, postseason coach. When the tournament is over, we may realize why Yow waited in silence.

NC State fans hope the silence is worth the wait.

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