Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Game Week in Iowa

It's time Saturday for the annual football showdown between Iowa and Iowa State.

The game that divides husbands and wives, parents and children, other relatives, cats and dogs and anyone else who cares. It's another opportunity to tell the world that the state of Iowa is more than one giant cornfield.

ABC is throwing some love at the game this year. It is showing it to seven percent of the nation on free TV, whereas the rest have it available on ESPN2. The fact that Iowa is ranked ninth in the country probably played a big part in the television interest.

The Iowa-Iowa State game is unlike most college rivalry contests in that it is played early in the season. Most games are at the end, but this one is played before both teams enter conference play.

Both come into the game with 1-0 marks. Iowa State played the tougher opponent in Northern Illinois and looked good. Iowa had its way with Eastern Illinois.

Iowa is a 13-point favorite and Iowa State's main goal is to score points. Last year, the Cyclones were held to just three and they haven't scored a touchdown in this series since 2006. Actually, they won the 2007 game with five field goals at 15-13.

Most people believe Iowa will win. But there is renewed interested in the Iowa State program with Coach Paul Rhoads posting a winning record last year in his first season. So look for a competitive game.

What are your memories of past Iowa-Iowa State games? Does anyone outside of Iowa care about this game?

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