Friday, September 3, 2010

Leave Joe Paterno Alone

Joe Paterno, better known as Joe Pa, is in his 45th year as coach at Penn State. Yes, he is old, but he is not dead. Questions continually dog him about possible retirement.

Joe Pa is a tough guy. He appears crusty with the media folks. I often wonder what it would be like to cover him and his program.

But regardless of your thoughts and feelings on Paterno, he is a coaching survivor and he deserves to retire when he see necessary. I think Joe Pa might want to die on the football field, however.

He admits he doesn't do the actually coaching he once did. That is not a surprise. But the buck still stops with him. Besides being the football coach at Penn State, he IS Penn State. The guy means a lot to his university, college football and higher education in general.

I, too, thought a few years back he should retire. The Lions were slipping and the cries for Joe Pa's retirement were loud.

But I have changed my mind. I think Bobby Bowden's situation at Florida State helped change my view. Joe Pa is still winning and still having a major impact on Penn State. He will know when the fire or health tells him to depart.

Besides where would college football be without his demeanor and old style looks?


RIck Reeves said...

I can't disagree with you more. There was a reason a few years ago his Nittan Lion teams were nearly as competitive. That is the reason he doesn't have the right to go out when he wants to. No coach or player is bigger than the sport, or in this case, and the school. His time is past. His assistants do all the coaching and player assesments. We all know it. He had his day. Let another dog er Nittany Lion have his day. Paterno has earned all the respect he deserves. Nothing can take his coaching reputation away. His coaching reputation can be diminished a bit by holding on too long. As far as I see it, this is about being able to let go. Something that's hard for some people to do.

Paul Delger said...

I appreciate your comments Rick. That used to be my side too. But Joe Pa is basically a CEO and like you said others run the company. As long as PSU wins, I don't see them forcing Joe Pa out.