Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come on People, Give Boise State Some Love

This just isn't right.

Boise State rises to No. 3 in the national poll and gets some respect from the pollsters. Then last week, Virginia Tech loses to James Madison and Boise State drops overall points in the poll.

Boise State is guilty via association with Virgina Tech. Boise defeated then highly-ranked Hokies in week one and people said Boise was a legitimate team. Now, Boise isn't as good a team as many thought because of Virginia Tech's loss. Huh?

That's like blaming a car dealer for an accident you caused when leaving his car lot.

Could Boise be a victim of discrimination? Could voters be looking for an excuse not to included the not-so-big boys in the big boy's club. You wonder.

It's sad that Broncos coach Chris Petersen had to come out and defend his team after last weekend. Boise can only win the games on its schedule not the other teams too.

I'm not saying Alabama and Ohio State aren't the cream this season. But as in previous years, all Boise wants is an opportunity to go to the party.

And if Boise hangs in there and wins all its games, they have a decent chance to be that cream. I think Alabama and Ohio State will not go through the season both undefeated.

Do you think Boise is receiving enough love this season?

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