Saturday, September 18, 2010

Iowa Will Defeat Arizona Tonight

Interest for the Iowa-Arizona match up tonight in Tucson seems quite high. There are some who believe the No 24 Wildcats will upset the No. 9 Hawkeyes.

But I'm not one of those persons.

The biggest advantage Arizona has is the home field. Plus, Iowa traditionally doesn't play well out West. Some also like Arizona's speed in this game.

But for the few Arizona pluses, Iowa has more. Adrian Clayborn is one of the top defense players in the country. The guy is a load and gives defenses fits. In fact, the Hawkeye’s' defense as a whole is stellar. Iowa also has a talented offense with several weapons. One guy who doesn't get much publicity is wide receiver Marvin McNutt. The 6-4 converted quarterback is a game-changer and always seems to make big catches and tacks on additional yardage after the grab.

Iowa has a way of controlling a contest. Some teams worry about the opponent's plans, Iowa worries about its own plans. The Hawkeyes had their way with Iowa State last week and will seek to dominant the Wildcats and punch them in the mouth.

This Iowa team is good--really good. Coach Kirk Ferentz will have his team ready and I will be surprised if they lay an egg. This is a big game for Iowa and an opportunity to show the nation that it will be in the topic of conversation for top five in the country.

Who do you think prevails in this game?

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