Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today's College Football Menu Offers a Feast

If you cannot become excited about one or more of today's college football matchups, then you are either not trying hard enough or you are not a real college football fan.

Wow, what a week two. The cupcake schedule must be taking a breather and so early in the year too. You got to love it.

Other than the Iowa-Iowa State game, my personal favorite is Penn State-Alabama. Can Joe Pa win with a young quarterback? Will the lost of Mark Ingram and a young secondary for Alabama make this game close?

But if those games don't draw you attention, how about Miami-Ohio State, Florida State-Oklahoma, Michigan-Notre Dame, Stanford-UCLA (an early conference game) or Arkansas-UL-Monroe. On the last one, I was just checking if you were paying attention.

So start flexing those fingers and hands. With so much action on the remote today, you don't want to get carpal tunnel so early in the season.

What game are you particularly interested in and why?

Enjoy the action.

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