Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little Honesty in College Sports, Please

Regarding the ongoing investigation of troubles in the North Carolina football program, Coach Butch Davis basically said Thursday that the Tar Heels need to do a better job monitoring the program.

Wow, that was it. I was hoping for a little more. I’m not just going after Davis specifically with his situation. It could be some other coach at some other school. Believe me, there have been many other examples.

I would love for a coach someday said to say something like this: “We messed up. We tried to fool people. We made a huge mistake. We let our fans and the university down. We are ashamed. Please forgive us.”

You might hear some of those above statements after the NCAA or the institution comes down on a program, but generally not before.

Come on folks, confession of guilt is good for the soul. There is something healing about confessing your wrong doings. America loves to give second chances after people confess. What America doesn’t like are dodgers.

One other thought. These coaches that claim they don’t know what’s going on with certain aspects of their program. What, huh? The coach is the boss. He should know the situation. If he doesn’t, he should have someone report to him that knows. Some one time incidents do happen like drunken driving, but I strongly question whether the coach doesn’t know when a player receives a bunch of money (re: drives a fancy car and exhibits fancy clothing) or is doing something else on a repeated basis.


rick reeves said...

It's like the child who has chocolate on their face, and then confronted with the fact that they ate the cookies. They knew they weren't allowed to eat them. They answer, "no," I didn't eat them. While licking the chocolate off of their lips while speaking. It's obvious they did it, but will try anthing to avoid punishment. All this response does is make them look like what they really are...a liar, and a wrong doer. It actually makes them look worse then if they would have just admitted guilt.

Paul Delger said...

I agree, Rick. You make good points. Thanks for your comments