Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eyes are on USC Trojans

The USC Trojans are on this year's college football radar screen for different reasons. Usually they are in the elite group of college teams.

This season they join another group of schools--those punished by the NCAA. So this year's USC storyline is how the mighty men from Troy will respond.

The Trojans are still a pollster favorite with people picking them to finish in the top 20.

But with a new coach in Lane Kiffin, player defections and the cloud over this one proud program, will USC meet the pollsters expectations?

The NCAA sanctions should have a major outcome in the future as USC cannot stockpile top-notch players. But this year might be different too. Opposing teams might forget those red jerseys, the USC name and the Trojan horse. "These boys are beatable" may be the cry.

USC is paying for its crimes. We will see when the opposition starts partying frequently over the woes. I sense it will be sooner than later.

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