Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Schedule North Dakota State in Football

You would think Division I athletic directors would learn. If North Dakota State isn't on the do not call list, please quickly put them on it. Warning: this team is lethal. The Bison can wreck a football season.

North Dakota State traveled to Lawrence, Kansas over the weekend and defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in a baseball score, 6-3.

Most people would call the result a shocker. But really it wasn't. Ask the Minnesota Golden Gophers if the Bison are on their schedule anymore. NDSU has also won at Minnesota.

Yes, this is the same Bison team that plays in the FCS Division (1-AA). They formerly competed in Division II. Imagine the Bison lockerroom before they battle a larger school. The coach tells them the team can win the game (coach speak) and the players actually believe it.

This football program is putting Fargo, North Dakota on the map. Fargo is more than computers, wheat fields and cold, cold weather. It's top-notch football too. Just don't remind Kansas or Minnesota.

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