Saturday, September 4, 2010

Carolina Blues

You see Carolina blue all over this country. Sporting goods stores stock North Carolina items because they sell. Really sell. But there is a different kind of blue circling around Chapel Hill, North Carolina these days and it's not good. The blue of having a football program under NCAA investigation.

These are dark days at Carolina--a place known for solid athletic programs and high academic standards. If the allegations of a tutor writing papers for players are true, this could have a major fallout.

North Carolina suspended several players for tonight's game with LSU. This tells me these allegations are more than some minor infraction. North Carolina could be bracing itself for a hammer.

North Carolina wants some closure. Being in limbo land is not a pretty place. The sooner this investigation is over, the better for Carolina. Right now, a once promising upcoming season could end up in the toilet.

Coach Butch Davis might be having some sleepless nights too. His job could be on the line. As they say, the buck stops with him.

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