Monday, September 27, 2010

Paging Colt McCoy

I wonder if the state of Texas has recovered yet. Not only did UCLA defeat Texas but the Bruins did it easily and in Austin.

Texas receives an occasional hurricane and this was a major storm.

People said Texas was looking ahead to the Oklahoma game. Some said that the Longhorns took UCLA lightly. I propose that maybe Texas isn’t that good.

Pollsters buy my theory. Last week, Texas was ranked No. 7. This week, it’s No. 21. Well…

Scoring only 12 points in any football game usually is a problem. UCLA is no world beater, but the Bruins aren’t Sam Houston State either.

Texas fans are no doubt wishing Colt McCoy was back behind center. Garrett Gilbert is at the controls now. Maybe this week, he would like to return to the clipboard carrying days.

Texas will survive. The Longhorns expect to win every game. That might have been the problem Saturday.

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