Monday, September 13, 2010

Stay Away From Sharp Objects Gopher Fans

I just feel like I need to reach out to my northern neighbors today in the great state of Minnesota. Gopher fans I understand your pain.

Wow. I was feeling bad after Iowa destroyed Iowa State Saturday. But then I saw the South Dakota-Minnesota score. Suddenly in comparison, my pain wasn't so bad.

I actually watch a portion of the Minnesota game and saw South Dakota score on a long pass. My thoughts were that the Gophers have been there before under the Coach Tim Brewster era.

South Dakota is more known for Presidential faces not football teams. It was a money game for the Vermillion school and it ate the icing along with the cake.

Brewster should quit scheduling schools from the Dakotas. He is zero for Dakota. Minnesota also lost to North Dakota State. Maybe, Minnesota should schedule difficult teams for the pre-conference schedule. That way if the Gophers lose, they have an excuse.

Brewster is running out of excuses however. Apparently, he is fighting for his job. He needs victories and he needs them now. But the future schedule doesn't look good. Southern Cal comes to Gopherland this week and then Northern Illinois before the Big Ten schedule.

Gopher fans I would like to tell you that things cannot get much worse and to hang in there. But in your case, that might be overly optimistic.

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