Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State Good for College Football

Boise State's 33-30 victory over Virginia Tech last night was a statement win.

The people in Boise and the entire state of Idaho would probably disagree with that declaration, but in this election year, it's all about obtaining votes.

More and more people in the country are realizing what the folks in Idaho already know, the Broncos play exciting and winning football. They are a legit team.

In the past, Boise State was more known for its blue turf. Nice conversation piece on ESPN. Then this Mountain West Conference team began to win including a major bowl game.

But the cry went out. Could Boise State battle the big boys of college football toe-to-toe on a regular basis? Or was this just a fluke?

America saw the positive result in this debate against the Hokies. Folks, the Broncos appear the real deal.

Outside Idaho, the biggest winner becomes college football. Mid-major program wants to be included in the big party. Mid-major has major success and forces the college powers to make room at the party. College football has a fresh, exciting face to go along side the usual heavyweights.

If this keeps up, we will be seeing more games featuring the blue turf. I wonder what that looks like in 3-D.

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