Monday, October 18, 2010

I Told You So

Ohio State proved Saturday night my observation that the Buckeyes are not the best team in the land with a thumping at Wisconsin.

The Buckeyes held the No. 1 ranking only one week. Now Oregon is No. 1 in most polls and will hold it for at least more than a week because the Ducks are idle this Saturday.

But back to Ohio State. The Buckeyes have played a soft schedule and it showed Saturday night. The Buckeyes gave Wisconsin a major punch in the second half, but the Badgers responded and it was over. As I stated in an earlier blog, Ohio State must still face Iowa and Michigan. Two-loss teams will not make a championship run.

But if somehow Ohio State could run the table with its remaining games and stay at one loss, the Buckeyes could still make noise. This could be the year where even one-loss teams could compete for the title.

Oregon and Oklahoma should be concerned. The upset bug is alive-and-well in college football this season.

Right now, the Sooners and Ducks are one and two in the BCS standings, but this race could get really crazy at the end.

Isn’t college football a grand game?

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