Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coaching Involves More Than Winning

Maryland announced the firing of football coach Ralph Friedgen Monday.

Coaches get fired often, especially this time of year. But most coaches depart due to losing records. Friedgen was fired with a 74-50 record in 10 years with the Terps.

Coaching can be a tough business and this firing was a business decision.

Friedgen actually won the ACC Coach of the Year award after leading Maryland to a surprising 8-4 record in 2010. He leaves with a $2 million severance package.

Maryland is looking for more exposure, more fan interest, more ticket sales and more glitz.

Apparently, Maryland figured Friedgen was yesterday’s news. Frieden played as a reliable old car and the Terps want a sports car.

Rumor has it that Maryland wants former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. That would be a glitz hire.

But there is still something crappy about Friedegen’s firing. The guy wins games, shows loyalty to his alma mater and gets told “its business.”

Life is sometimes really cold. Friedgen received that lesson this week.

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